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Welcome to Whitestone Media Production Company

We are a Video Production and Media Consultancy company, working across the Corporate Communication, Events, Broadcast, Charity and Music industries.

We love to build relationship with our clients, to understand their needs and provide production solutions to engage and connect with their audience.

We offer a complete creative production service, from concept to final delivery and beyond, with our social media and marketing expertise. Come and talk to us.

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Corporate communication


Video is a powerful way to reach an audience, whether it be internal or customer facing. We support organisations of all sizes in the their corporate comms’ needs, whether that be for Web Promos, Training, Presentations, Sales tools, Case Studies, Product Launches.

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Video for events


We understand events, having had many years experience in the industry. Video can be a powerful tool to capture and convey the success and message of an event, reaching an audience way beyond the attendees.

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  • We will get alongside your organisation and develop the right production solution to fit your need. We can help you with one off shoots, or look to develop more long standing, on going relationships. We can provide all elements of production, from creative treatments through to encoding for web. We also offer a social media and marketing service to help get your production seen by your audience.

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  • We offer a range of innovative production solutions for events. These include, Event TV - producing multiple content pieces based around an event, Content Capture - single or multiple cameras, mixed live for screens or streamed over the web, Highlights Videos - creatively capturing the essence and message of an event, Team Building Projects - a fun but hugely effective and creative way of bringing teams together, Pre-Event Production - creating graphics, branding or any material to be used on screen at an event.

Charities & Documentaries


Some of the most rewarding work we have undertaken has been capturing stories for charities which has taken us all over the world to work with some wonderful people.

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Video for music


Music is a big part of what we do and who we are, whether working on a music-based project or deciding what vinyl to listen to in the office whilst we work!

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  • Our charities work is often closely related to the way we approach documentary - getting close to people and their situations and capturing a slice of real life in order to inspire or educate the viewer. We’ve had the privilege of travelling all over the world to work with some truly inspiring teams and individuals. It’s very easy for us to enthuse and engage when it comes to honest and beautiful stories. Our speciality is bringing a TV or film production value to an organisation who would never normally be able to afford it.

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  • For a number of years, we’ve also produced video for bands and the music industry, which has included creative promos, EPK’s for bands, feature length documentaries and multi camera live shoots. Look closely at the beating heart of WSM and you’ll find music in there somewhere… A good example of our work in this area was our partnership with British rock band 'Reuben'. We produced a critically acclaimed feature length documentary and live concert and five promo videos for television.

Unmanned Aerial Filming


WSM-UAV is the name of the aerial filming arm at Whitestone. We offer a CAA certified service for production and surveying.

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Motion graphics


We’ve been developing our creative and technical skills in motion graphics for several years now and see it as very much a part of what we do.

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  • Whether it be to enhance your video production with aerial or protracted tracking shots, or something more practical like property or industrial surveying techniques, flying cameras can offer amazing results with great cost effectiveness.

    There is ever increasing legislation surrounding the use of flying cameras, and you need to be certified and experienced to fly commercially. We are fully trained and certified with many hours of experience to our name. Our UAV service combines our production creativity with the practical experience whilst putting safety at the front and centre of our operations.

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  • The world is your oyster when it comes to creating original graphics and animations to tell a story or explain an idea. We see every project as a challenge where we attempt to push our knowledge and experience to increase the production value of what we are able to offer, from info graphic style pieces to full on cinema scope event openers set in space, through to character animation pieces and everything else in-between.

Film & TV


We are able to provide full TV production services for documentaries and news gathering as well as infrastructure and processes for event and ‘pop up’ tv channels, including access to global networks, satellite links etc.

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  • We’ve also been involved in the production of several pitches for DTT and pilots, as well as having a hand in the development and production of higher budget, general release pieces, we encourage our team to be involved in smaller, independent projects which we find feed our creativity, knowledge of the industry and keep our wits about us!